1jz vvti head porting

Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Posts Latest Posts. Page of Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 12 32 template Next. Some more info. Some conclusions empirically were that a large protruding ridge like a prolapsed arsehole around the runner was largely beneficial. Comment Post Cancel. GT-R LM. Teh GTR can neva loose. The less work it takes to evacuate the cylinder the better- remember it is pushing against the turbine so it probably does need as much help as it can get.

The other gain is that the cylinder ends up more thoroughly emptied so the charge is less polluted, and I guess pumping losses are minimised. I'm of the school of thought that says it doesn't matter as much. Put it this way, you bung a blower on a and you can get double the power easily, that's pretty good.

I am sure porting wil help and it would be more efficient but in my experience that costs real money so doesn't get done as a priority :D VERY interested to see before and after stuff TK. Muz, how much is it worth to convert to big single, aftermarket ecu, supporting fuel system, exhaust etc etc?

Would you consider doing a 1jz head? I have a apexi power fc and getting jun cams, cam gears and crower valve springs and titanium retainers soon.Click to Enlarge. Not Required Yes! Send to a Friend. We know our customers need to save a little extra whenever possible, so we have introduced our "Make an Offer" feature! Here is how it works.

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Product Description. To port or not to port, to increase valve size or not to increase valve size, 3 angle or 5 angle valve job? These are the questions any person entering the world of a reworked head ask, especially 2JZGTE owners. You cannot define every possibility in a single description or for all applications, but 'generally' speaking, what we provide with our Street Cylinder Head Refresh package is great for up to 8,RPM more RPM with proper optional valve train with those who have either stock cams or higher lift cams, and either a very high flowing set or highly boosted factory twin turbos, or a single turbo conversion.

In reality, both will benefit! You simply do not gain enough volumetric efficiency by hogging out a ton of metal in the 2JZ head, unless you are running a very high lift cam greater than.


If you are running degree cams or larger, then you can make some modest gains with a full port, otherwise there is no need to dig deep. The same pretty much holds true for oversized valves.

Our recommendation for the 2JZGTE cylinder head is to run stock sized valves at pretty much at all power levels. You can run a good set of factory valves proven to run at 7, RPM without any issues! A good aftermarket stainless steel stock sized valve is the natural upgrade, with an inconel based exhaust valve if you are running a very large turbo or making LOTS of heat launch control, anti-lag often, 2-stepping, etc.

We can set you up with cams and valve spring upgrades as well, so feel free to ask at your convenience on anything you need to know, as we are happy to help!


The most effective gains on anyone runningor GSC Stage 1 or 2 cams comes from pocket porting, and we've been doing it for years. What exactly is 'pocket porting? It's quick, it's reasonably simple to do for someone who has done many and the gains in cubic feet per minute flow CFM are a great value.

This will work well for stock cam, but really starts to shine with higher lift and duration cams! If you're changing cams, it's best you do a valve spring upgrade at the same time, even if you are using only a mild lift cam likeTMS Stage 1, GSC Stage 1. Both GSC and us recommend a valve spring change out when swapping cams if you have more than 50, miles on your motor.

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Your valve springs have a memory effect, which limits increased travel range efficiency associated with higher lift cams and can bind or break. If you never go over 7, RPM, then the stock springs should be ok. Please go ahead and email or ask our staff for cam and valve spring packages and recommendations!By Guest shiftdrift, October 1, in Green Hell.

That's fucking funny. Imagine the vvti as an adjustable cam gear you can use while running. It doesn't change the VE of the motor itself so I say go for it.

I mean the same rules apply as any other head and I'm sure I don't need to explain that part. I know a guy that's really experienced at porting and has done many 2j heads. I can ask him for some pointers.

I usually just smooth the ports and open them up for the first 10mm or so if they dont match the gasket. And I also clean off and sharp edges in the combustion chamber. I also would like to see how to port a head on a regular lathe.

Also port matching isn't done overly to increase flow, its to increase the harmonic equalization of it, mainly on high horsepower builds. If you go beyond the line of the gasket you will have gasket failure and have leaks.

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So is it really worth it to go to all of that trouble to have your ports matched, when you can just up the fuel and boost pressure? You'd also think that said shop would also know that VVTI has nothing to do with airflow, but is only triggered by rpm. Yeah thanks. Like I said I've never messed with vvti, I didn't know if the head design was more beneficial to the vvti as is.

I'll snap some pics of previous port jobs at work tomorrow.

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I don't plan on altering it a lot, just opening up the exhaust and smoothing the intake mostly. The ones i've done have been. I'll ask him, I definitely don't have very much machining experience. It looks like Neanderthal 7m is about to bend over skanky 1j and produce a whole offspring of head-gasket popping freak shows.

But then. You were also right about the graphs being pointless. While the intake ports are the same, the exhaust side of things is way different. I've always been curious what a 1j vvti head flows vs non vvti. Sorry I asked and he said mill cnc not lathe. I did however use the lathe today so I I at least won't confuse that again. I guess I should've thought of brake lathe Also, just got word we will be entering one of the craftsman trucks we have into the Wilmington mile.

Power plant is going to be a cobra jet with a super cobra crank, cr and some other goodies. Undecided on gearbox, either t56 or nascar 4 speed. Just a cheap build with stuff lying around. Never looked at a JZ head of any flavor, for any amount of time, so I don't know what the stock ports look like. So simple blending there will yeild the best results, and taking out any noticeable casting flaws.

Green Hell Search In. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Guest shiftdrift. Report post.I am updating the post. A few of the steps in your process can be shortened a little bit.

1jz vvti head porting

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1jz vvti head porting

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1jz vvti head porting

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1jz vvti head porting

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